Recipe Index


baked oatmeal, chocolate or peach

beet and feta biscuits

berry compote

healthy whole wheat pancakes

popeye muffins


superfood oatmeal

tropical granola

vegan carrot cake pancakes

vegan milkshake


black bean brownies

chai snacking cake with honey buttercream

chia pudding

classic yellow cake with fudge frosting 

chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream

3- salt chocolate disc cookies

fresh raspberry crumble

healthy chocolate mug cake

healthy fudge

hvitdame, the traditional norwegian white lady cake

one bowl banana bread

petite meringues

popeye muffins

rhubarb tartlets

re-vamped vegan chocolate mug cake

salted caramel popcorn

speckled chocolate mousse

vegan chocolate-zucchini bunt cake


chickpea curry with spiced quinoa

indian dal and flatbread

one pot thai noodle bowl

roasted indian cauliflower

roasted vegetables + pea puree

watermelon-mint salad with toasted rice and szechuan vinaigrette


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